Aikido Kobayashi Dojo

Annual schedule

2020 Aikido Kobayashi Dojo Annual schedule.
Details are subject to change.

*Schedule for 2021 will be posted in January of 2020.

Month Day Events
JAN 7th Classes start.
13th New Year's party (15:00-17:00)
21st-Feb. 4th Dojocho in Iceland / Norway
FEB 29th-Mar. 2nd Dojocho seminar hosted by Miyazaki Aikidokai
MAR 8th Promotion test (7th kyu - Shodan)
15th Promotion test (2nd kyu - 4th dan)
25th-Apr. 2nd Masuda shidoin in Hungary
APR 23rd-28th Yamawaki shidoin in Sakhalin, Russia
29th Aiki Shirine Festival
MAY 3rd Joint Seminar at Tanashi
8th-11th Soshihan in Taiwan
16th All Japan Aikido Demonstration at Takasaki Arena
20th-Jun. 2nd Dojocho in Bulgaria / Serbia
JUN 11th-17th Dojocho in Medan, Indonesia / Singapore
11th-22nd Masuda shidoin in Jakarta, Indonesia / Singapore
25th-July 1st Kasahara shidoin in Saint Petersburg, Russia
JUL Promotion test (7th kyu - 3rd kyu)
19th Promotion test (2nd kyu - 4th dan)
28th-Aug. 11th Dojocho in Hungary / Sweden
AUG 8th-17th Summer break
SEP 8th-25th Mikio Kobayashi shidoin in Dalian / Beijing, China
21st-22nd Children's international camp in Chichibu
OCT 3rd-4th Camp in Yamanakako
12th-28th Masuda shidoin in Chile / Argentina / Uruguay
21st-Nov. 3rd Dojocho in UK / Saint Petersburg, Russia
26th-Nov. 3rd Yamawaki shidoin in Tunisia
NOV 15th Promotion test (2nd kyu - 1st kyu)
22nd Promotion test (Shodan  - 4th dan)
26th-30th Mikio Kobayashi shidoin in Macau / Guangzhou, China
27th-Dec. 2nd Masuda shidoin in Suzhou, China
DEC   General dojo cleaning / Year-end party
23rd Classes end

2021 Aikido Kobayashi Dojo Annual schedule (tentative) for major events.
Details are subject to change.

- Apr. 29th. Aiki shrine festival
- May 22nd. All Japan Aikido Demonstration

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