Aikido Kobayashi Dojo


List of Dojos

Visit Our Class!

For those who would like to start aikido with us, application to the membership is accepted at any time. If you would like to watch our class, you are welcome at any time to visit our dojo during our class hour. A telephone call prior to your visit is not required, so please just come by and knock the door!

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How Much Does It Cost to Start?

To start, membership application fee, monthly fee of the starting month, and federation participation fee (1,200 yen) are required. You pay membership application fee and federation participation fee only at start.

For children under 16, sport insurance fee and dojo newsletter fee are required. Sport insurance fee and dojo newsletter fee altogether cost 1,400 yen (valid for one year).

What to Wear

In our dojos, it is required to wear judo-gi or aikido-gi to join the practice. If you do not own any, we ask you to buy one at dojo. Cost varies by size, but it is about between 9,000 yen and 10,000 yen (including an aikido-gi bag) for kids, and between 8,500 yen and 11,500 yen for adults.

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How to register

To Sign-Up

To sign-up, just drop-by our dojo whenever we have a class. A person in charge will give you required forms for you to sign-up. The fees mentioned above are required to pay at sign-up.

For More Information

For more information, please call our office at 042-341-0376.
Our office hours are from 10AM to 8PM. We cannot answer your call on Mondays, so please call us on any other day. We accept inquiries by e-mail as well.

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